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An English teacher who is also a coordinator of the educational process. She has a long-term experience with teaching at language schools. She focuses on the school leaving exam preparation courses and the courses for adults. She makes students speak English with ease and helps them to eliminate the fear of using a foreign language, which is mainly used in conversational lessons. Even the shyest and the most timid student begins to speak English. She is excellent at work with foreigners, who she teaches English in English.



A teacher in the field of English language and literature with a broad experience at secondary and language schools. She has spent several months in the U.S. and thanks to her love of the English language she is able to motivate her students and stimulate their deeper interest in English.
A lecturer with a very pleasant demeanor, kind, helpful, and also strict with her students, who
achieve excellent results and improvement. She specializes in the courses for adults and Cambridge exam preparation.



An English teacher with a fantastic flair for working with children. Her creativity and talent to work with children are reflected on the faces of our youngest students. Kids love her English lessons and look forward to a variety of games, competitions and other activities. Thanks to her, English will become your child's favorite subject. She mainly focuses on pupils in the first and second primary education stage. 



English language teacher with solid language basics gained at Secondary Grammar School in Nové Zámky, later developed at Language School Palisády in Bratislava. She acquired her experience in teaching others at elementary schools in Bratislava as well as the individual, one on one teaching at a Private Language School. She continued to establish her love of English language with a stay in Great Britain, where she also completed an "English Language as a Foreign Language" course at Cambridge University branch in Manchester excelling with a certificate of CPE. (Certificate of Proficiency in English).
She enhanced her language skills and practical use with a life of 20 years in both Great Britain and Australia. This made her an excellent teacher of conversational lessons, where she often explains the differences between the "school" and "real life" English. She is a perfect teacher for explaining and shedding a light on the style of expressing yourself and pointing out the use of English language in different countries.
Nevertheless, she is not afraid of the traditional way of education focused on beginners and pre-intermediate students.



A teacher with a university degree in English Language who is happy to pass on her knowledge to others. She is known for her great patience. Her lessons are not only about the ‘boring’ studies of English, she speaks to her students a lot and therefore her students get a wider outlook of the world as they talk about different interesting topics. Her strengths are her patience, accommodating nature and positive approach, all of which are the reasons for a smooth and relaxed atmosphere during her lessons. Thanks to this, no child nor an adult feels shy in her presence.



Lecturer of English language and at the same time a student of Department of English Language and Literature at university. Her love of English and children makes her a unique teacher who has an understanding for each student. She also takes care of an entertaining form of learning through which students learn English in a good mood and with laughter. Every child enjoys her lesson because she alters their school stereotype. She is patient and has no problem finding a suitable path to every child.



Young but reliable and enthusiastic teacher of English language. Sincerity and honesty are completely natural to her and she also appreciates these qualities in her students. She always tries to motivate and support her students so they can achieve their goals. She has a positive approach to teaching and it makes her happy when her efforts and help contribute to her student’ language improvements. Her style is to teach in a fun but interesting way, which as much as children, the adults are grateful for as well.



Always optimistic and energetic teacher of English language. She lived in London for just over 8 years, where she attended a 3-year long study of being a teaching assistant and at the same time she worked in Montessori school in Chiswick. She gained her skills of working with children with learning disabilities when working as a teaching assistant and as a psychological support teacher at a primary school in Kensington. She decided to end her overseas career with a working trip to Sydney where she stayed for a few months. She is excellent in working with small children as well as with adult, company clients. She always encourages the quietest and shy students to speak. In her lessons, she gives her all and her students love her entertaining stories from her real life and her funny mishaps from the times when she first went abroad. She can adjust her lessons according to the students’ level using slang and idioms and real examples from the life of English people.



Teacher of Italian language, who gained her language skills during high school as a graduate of a special 6-month practice in Italy. Her real life experience and passion for languages led her to language studies at a university in Nitra where she studied to be a teacher of English and Italian language and literature. She has a very specific and patient approach to each and every one of her students based on their needs. Her lessons are well prepared in an interesting and creative way using videos, songs, games and attention catching communication activities, adding her authentic experiences and information. Her patience is a credit which is appreciated by all the beginners, intermediate or advanced students.



A teacher of German language with many years of experience in language schools. She has a classical style of teaching where she always tries to adjust her lessons to the needs of the students. She tirelessly looks for ways of how to make her students speak without any fear. Her trademark is to find points and references which are important for the student and which the student likes, hence they become more relaxed and open to communication. Since she lived in Switzerland and also tried living in Germany, especially in Bavaria, she is capable of highlighting the diversity of German language using her own real life experiences and examples.



Modest and extremely king teacher of Spanish language, who has been teaching for 16 years. She lived in central America for several years and she attended language courses in Spain. Her attention was caught by the beauty, temperament and passion of Spanish language. She likes travelling, getting to know new places and people, culture and local traditions. She uses her experiences from overseas stays when teaching and she loves to pass on her lifelong love towards the Spanish language onto her students.



A choice of the lecturer is in the coordinator´s competence.