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Dear student and clients,

hereby, we would like to inform you about our next steps and plans due to the ongoing situation with COVID – 19.


Health and safety of our clients and teachers is our number one priority and based on the latest decisions about the schooling system agreed on by our government, we find it imperative that we keep our Academy closed until the end of April, when we will reconsider the situation again.


However, do not forget, that this ONLY applies to attendance of language lessons in person, in our premises.


Teaching and tutoring via SKYPE has already begun and many of you have already given it a go, which we are very happy about. Remember, we are here for you and we can adapt and work with your time and needs, so we can provide you with the knowledge to the best of our abilities, even if under such conditions. 


So, don’t hesitate and keep up the good work of learning with us “online”, we are very proud you didn’t let this put you off.






Why English?

  • the official language in more than 50 countries 

  • the most spoken language in international trade 

  • more than a billion people speak English 

  • to enrich yourselves with a new langugage 



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