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Are you interested in how our Skype lessons, also suitable for groups of two, work? Keep on reading and you will find the answers to all your questions.


First step:

- you start with downloading the Skype app onto your computer or a mobile, free of charge

- as soon as this is done, we will contact you and test to see that everything is technically up to speed (we will call you on Skype, test the sound, picture and sharing of the screen which we need in cases of grammar practice)

- if everything works as it should we arrange the date and time of your first Skype lesson (this can be with your original teacher or a different one should you choose so)

- we will send you the teacher’s Skype details and vice versa so the teacher can add you to his/ hers contact list

This should only take approximately 10 minutes and you need to do this only once.


Once this step is completed, nothing will stand in your way of keeping up with or improving of your language skills. Your teacher will contact you at the time and date arranged.


What about books?

Those who have been using student books will continue to work with them. However, there is a lot more of conversation and expanding of vocabulary, we automatically practice grammar and reading and comprehension with students of elementary and high schools as well.


What happens if the connection is interrupted?

In case of technical problems the lesson is automatically extended.


If there are major internet connection problems, the lesson is cancelled and rescheduled.


We have already successfully completed a few weeks of Skype teaching. If you think that this is something for you we would love to try it out so you can see if it suits you.




Why English?

  • the official language in more than 50 countries 

  • the most spoken language in international trade 

  • more than a billion people speak English 

  • to enrich yourselves with a new langugage 



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